VitalCheck has been partnering with local hospital systems to provide onsite care for our customers since 2013. Additionally, we have been supporting companies with COVID compliance and worksite safety since the pandemic began.

How it Works

Select a date for medical provider’s visit
Sign service agreement
VitalCheck provides a HIPAA compliant scheduling link which collects employee information, insurance and family history
Company provides a private space onsite with Wi-Fi example: conference room, private office
Local medical provider arrives onsite in the morning with 14-16 booked appointments with employees lined up for the day
Health check-up and medical provider recommendation
  • Medical provider reviews family history before patient meets with them
  • Medical provider provides a 25-minute physical exam and blood draw
  • Based on results from the physical exam, family history and blood results, the medical provider will reach out to patients needing additional care and assist getting them the care they need
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Case Study:
Fordham University in NYC Achieves 3-Year Cost Savings with VitalCheck Wellness